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Creating a sustainable future, through passion and science

We’re a young and passionate group of entrepreneurs and engineers with a groundbreaking portfolio of products that we hope will contribute towards a better tomorrow. 
Ten years ago we started a journey of discovery. We wanted to create world class materials that could reduce the use of plastics and their impact in our environment, without sacrificing any quality or performance independent of the industries they would be used for.  
We are now proud to say that this effort was well spent. Even though we have an extensive portfolio of biobased materials.; we wanted to first try it in one of the most demanding and competitive industries in terms of performance: surf. - of course it also helped that we are avid surfers ourselves.

BioBlank Ecoboard Certified Material in USA  is made of up to 70% renewable materials, and we have proven how good it works with one Costa Rica national surf champion, one Central American surf champion and international champions.

LAB La Nacion.jpg

Verifying small pore size in the bioblank by electron microscopy according to ISO standards



Biodegradable, Sustainable, High Performing

We have been working on a way to replace the polyurethane (a polymer and the fifth type of plastic most used in the world) found in surfboards  for another more environmentally friendly material. 
Surfboards are generally made with polyurethane foam blank, fiberglass and polyester resin. The contamination caused by a surfboard starts with its fabrication, the carbon footprint left behind is considerable, and of course, at the moment it breaks and we dispose of it becomes a contaminating product.
Since the plastic used to create surfboards is highly contaminating, we decided to find an alternative solution, so we developed a foam minimizing the use of fossil fuel.
Our formula is made from non edible plants used to extract chemical compounds that are then used to form monomers; these monomers then form a high performing polymer of superior shaping quality. 
To find out more, contact us directly.

Today we have bio-based foams and resins formulas for different applications such as construction, packaging, insulation, boats and others.

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